Meeting 8th June 2018 at Loughborough University

The 5th LEVN event was on Friday 8th June 2018. The meeting focused on the 'Tools and Techniques for Modelling and Assessing Low Energy Ventilation' and was be held at the School of Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering Loughborough University.

Here are the details of the programme and links to all the presentations from the day:

09:30 - Arrive/coffee

10:00 - Introduction/topic overview Malcolm Cook (Loughborough University)

10:15 - Flows in confined spaces and their implications for energy Graham Hughes (Imperial College London)

10:45 - URANS vs LES Faisal Durrani (Delivered by Malcolm Cook of Loughborough University)

11:15 - Understanding Lattice Boltzmann methods Amir Khan (University of Leeds)

11:45 - Physical modelling and the importance of transients Laetitia Mottet (Imperial College London)

12:15 - Implications of human behaviour on internal air flows Abigail Hathway (University of Sheffield)

12:45 - Modelling within the constraints of a commercial environment Annie Marston (Hurley Palmer Flatt)

13:15 - Lunch and close