This half-day symposium brings together the work being carried out to mitigate the effects of the pandemic under the Royal Society’s RAMP Task 7. In addition, research findings and perspectives will be delivered from various governmental organisations, professional bodies, leading ventilation designers, internationally acclaimed environmental scientists & virologists, and the UK research councils.

This free meeting is being hosted by Low-Energy Ventilation Network (LEVN) in partnership with Chartered Institution of Building Service Engineers (CIBSE)

12:45 – Talks (12m + 2mQs) from RAMP Task 7 and well-linked parties:

Intro by Prof Paul Linden/Chris Pain, Cambridge/ICL & T7 – A holistic overview and the philosophy underpinning RAMP Task 7.

13:00 Dr Pedro M. de Oliveira, Cambridge & SG1/2 – Suspended viral dose based on evaporation and settling of droplets from respiratory releases.

13:15 Dr Michael Short, Surrey & SG4 – SARS-CoV-2 fomite transmission and surface survival.

13:30 Prof Andy Woods, Cambridge & SG3 – On small aerosol dispersal in buildings and the role of people movement.

5 minute break.

13:50 Dr Henry Burridge, ICL & SG1 – Wintertime ventilation 2020: the impact of cold weather and quantifying scenario-based risk for C19 airborne infection.

14:05 Prof Clive Beggs, Leeds Beckett & SG1 - Exploring the scope for UVGI to help mitigate the spread of C19.

14:20 Dr Darragh Murnane, UoHerts & SG5 – A bioaerosol inhalation model considering COVID-19.

14:35 Prof Prashant Kumar, Surrey & SG7 – Case studies: trains, schools, and supermarkets.

10 minute break.

15:00 – Plenary talk Prof Shelly Miller – Healthy Indoor Environments: How to minimize infectious disease transmission and application to COVID-19 (50mins + 10 mins for questions).

10 minute break.

16:10 Research & perspective talks (10m) on the current state of knowledge and planning in the context of C19.

16:10 Dr Bryan Bzdek, UoBristol – Making Music: Aerosols, Droplets and the Risks of SARS-CoV-2 Transmission.

16:21 Dr Hywel Davies, CIBSE – How do I deliver adequate, effective, suitable ventilation in a COVID-19 environment?

16:32 Dr Ginny Moore, Public Health England – Airborne and droplet dispersal of SARS-CoV-2: How to assess risk and efficacy of mitigation strategies?

16:43 Prof Wendy Barclay, ICL – Viruses in the air: influenza and SARSCoV2.

16:54 Asher Lawrence-Cole, Department for Transport, UK – COVID-19 and Transport

17:05 Dr Simon Parker, Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, UK – Transmission risk in transport: towards a model of multi-route exposure.

17:16 Steve Wisby/Dr Owen Connick, Hoare Lee – HVAC Practicalities when getting back to work post-COVID.

17:27 – Whole group feedback session, discussion and summing up - including a demo of the aerosol transmission website (Dr Marc Stettler/Dr Adam Bois).

17:45 – Closing remarks over ‘virtual yet very real’ drinks (BYO).

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