Who we are

We are a network of around 80 academic researchers, students and industrial practitioners who are passionate about improving the way we ventilate buildings. Between us, we work at:

- 12 universities within the UK, providing access and expertise in building physics, indoor air quality, fundamental fluid mechanics, mathematical modelling, computational modelling, experimental modelling, full-scale building monitoring, and field observations of urban atmospheric conditions

- 6 companies, we cover expertise in building services engineering, ventilation design and installation, architectural design, and product design.

So what have we done? Work on the network began in 2016 and we held a kick-off meeting in May of that year. This consisted of a packed program including presentations, break-out groups and a whole network discussion. We've added lots of details about the day on our Meetings and Events page and lots of information from the day on our Resources page. We have also written an article based on the outcomes of the day which was published in a newsletter of the Charter Institute of Building Services Engineers which you can read here.

What are we doing? We have lots of plans... We are currently of trying to secure some funds in order to facilitate meetings of the network. We are planning our next meetings and the best way to find out what we are doing to is to come along, details are here.

How does it all happen? We network is led and organised by:

Professor Cath Noakes, University of Leeds, as network leader and

Dr Henry Burridge, Imperial College London, as co-leader and convener of the network.

We have formed a steering committee to help guide the future work of the network:

Professor Janet Barlow, University of Reading,

Professor Malcolm Cook, Loughborough University,

Professor Graham Hughes, Imperial College London,

Professor Gary Hunt, University of Cambridge,

Professor Paul Linden, University of Cambridge.